Kenophobia ( ′kenə′fōbēə ) n’ – 1. An abnormal fear of empty spaces.

We’ve all been there. A blank sheet of paper sitting on your table, a pen in your hand, and an immense pressure on your shoulders to write that perfect opening line that will make or break everything you’ve poured your blood, sweat, heart and soul into your entire life…

Well ok. May be not so dramatic. The most important promise you make is the one you make with yourself. (And no matter how quiet that voice is inside you, you will always hear it, and it will only grow louder and louder until… it’s heard). I made one earlier today to finally start my own blog, with a recommendation from someone I respect – so here we are. Now that wasn’t so hard, was it?

To be frank with you I’m writing this first post as a way of procrastinating from the task at hand – working on my dissertation. Speaking of which, I cannot put it off any longer, so I had better be getting back to it.


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