This post-graduate seminar is open for audit by fellow AFH members. Standing room only as it’s a full class!

Generally held on Wednesdays from 10am – 11am in room 307, School of Architecture, The University of Auckland

Here is the schedule of seminars.

Wk Date Seminar Topic Guest Speaker*
1 3.3 Architecture for Humanity: Overview Nathaniel Corum“The Plastiki and AfH”
2 3.10 Politics of Space: Bodies and Grassroots Dr. Rosangela Tenorio“Slum Upgrading”
3 3.171pm Spatial Fetishism: From a Spectator to a Participant Dr. Regan Potangaroa“Building Back Better”
4 3.24 (no class)
5 3.31 Identity Crisis: Make-shift Community and Diaspora Naoe Hashimoto“Working with UNHCR”
4.7 Mid-semester BreakSustain-ability: Utopia or Oblivion Dory Reeves (on 4.7)“Planning for Diversity”
6 4.21 (no class)
7 4.28 Governance, Power and Security Dr. Yvonne Underhill-Sem“Development and Gender”
8 5.5 Mission in the City: Equal Access to Shelter Gary Lawson“Mission in the City”
9 5.12 NIMBYism in the shrinking world Dr. Ward Friesen“Disaster Tourism”
10 5.19 Figure of the Architect in the Built Environment (in class films – Lagos/Koolhaas and Lagos wide and close)
11 5.26 Design Activism (in class film – the Rural Studio)

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