In my 36 hour journey to Delhi, I had had made a bunch of mental notes on things I wanted to write in my first entry, but as soon as I got to Delhi, I’ve become completely and utterly speechless. At first what I saw on the streets out of the taxi window was reminescent of what you commonly see in Rio, and I wasn’t as stunned at the sight that unfolded before me as I had first expected, based on all the stories I had heard and read about India. But then again, it’s only my first day! (Or rather, my first hour)… I was dripping in sweat and thought it would be wise to take a shower as soon as I checked-in, and that’s more or less what I did. Then I thought, well, I should sort out some basic things like where I should go and eat, where to find the internet, and where to get the local sim card so I can call home to say I’ve arrived in one piece. Much easier planned than done – the moment I walked back out of my room, the humidity hit me and by the time I came down to the groundfloor to ask the bellboy about my mission, I had forgotten which floor I was on, my clothes were soaked through in my own persperation (yuck) and the hotel manager had to order me to stop going into someone’s conference centre – which, upon retrospect, was a pretty good idea, since it was filled only with local men. Then the bellboy kindly accompanied me through the city streets to a little kiosk to find me a dealer who hooked me up with a local number in a manner of minutes. I think I got done over in the monetary transaction, but that’s to be well expected within the first few days of living anywhere abroad. I got a lot of stares and name callings, too, but it wasn’t any worse than the reception I got in Rio and at least they haven’t tried to grope me (yet). Touch wood!

Oh dear, I had all these nice things planned to say on my first entry in India, but frankly it’s too hot, I’m tired and feel more alien than I’d felt in a long, long time.

Meeting my tour group tomorrow, so I might just stay couped up in my celluloid peditentiary and come back and write something more uplifting and cheesy after a good nap…


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