I finally made to Ahmedabad: one of the safest cities in India… for real!

I’m at the end of day 2 on the I-Rec conference, and I suppose my entry should be looking much more substantial than this, but I’m feeling less obligated to capture this tonight because I’m still percolating my thoughts from two days of sheer information overload, and you shouldn’t give me such a hard time anyway because I technically just wrote a chapter of War and Peace!

So far I’ve seen: The CEPT University, Manek Chowk (the 2nd biggest market in India), Louis I. Kahn’s IIM. The day after tomorrow we’re going on a two day road trip to visit places that will be immensely helpful for my research. There’ll be some stories to tell after that, I’m sure!

And what else…

Ended up purchasing a new sim card…

And the boys at the Vodafone store have been continually sending me suggestive SMS ever since. I wonder if that’s part of the local protocol to enhance customer satisfaction? Well, if it’s company policy, who can complain…

Apparently I have a big parcel of chocolates sitting on my desk at home from my best friend.

Got some Tarot reading by a little old man, who told me I’m going to finish my PhD in 3 year’s time, that I’ll be working for an INGO, and a couple of other minor ‘personal’ stuff that ordinary Joes’ and Janes’ invariably ask a Tarot reader, which of course I’ll keep to myself…

The receptionist at the hotel who speaks good English finally unlocked the secret as to why people find me so fascinating to look at: they’ve never seen such small eyes before! lol


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