How many people today would volunteer to sit down and read a 100,000 word dissertation about something they know completely nothing about?

One of the objectives for beyond architecture for humanity is to make academic research about architecture for humanity more accessible to the architecturally illiterate. Don’t take me wrong. I wasn’t suggesting that anyone who doesn’t possess a degree in architecture to have a subpar design intelligence than those who do; it’s more that as designers, we have somehow forgotten how to communicate effectively with real people in the process of becoming certified designers. To take the metaphor a bit further, if we can’t grow past the safe domains of esoteric academic verbosity, which are more often filled with self-indulgent, ego-boosting, albeit delusional reassurances of peers who, deep-down, know as well as you do, that you are just full of crap and spend your tea time constructing these artificial walls of made-up words – half of which never made it to merriam-webster dictionary – in the hope that no-one else outside of your discipline would ever find out about it.

One saving grace for our discipline, however, is that we are gifted in expressing ourselves through a means which naturally lends itself to a fairly universal interpretation – visual communication. For me, it’s infographics.

I’ve already made a pledge to do this via ifwerantheworld. What would you do if you ran the world?


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